The Official Launch 30 Days of Animated Films

The Kludgeworks blog is finally going live, starting next week! We’re going to kick things off with something fun:

30 Days of Animated Films!

Over the last couple years, there have been a handful of these 30-day challenges floating around, where folks on facebook and the blogosphere weigh in on their favorite songs or movies.

For this challenge, every day in September, I’ll take a look at one animated film that fits the list below.

To add to the challenge, I’m going to limit myself to just computer-animated films, but if you want to follow along on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to discuss any animated film you’d like! We want to hear your choices!

Here’s the list:

  1. The most underrated film
  2. A film that makes you happy
  3. A film that makes you sad
  4. The film with the best villain
  5. The film with the best score
  6. The most quotable film
  7. The best musical
  8. The film with the best message
  9. A film from your favorite director
  10. A film with your favorite actor /actress
  11. A film with your least favorite actor /actress
  12. A film that you used to love but now dislike
  13. A film that you used to hate but has grown on you
  14. Best “Independent” Film
  15. The most beautiful scene in any film
  16. A film you totally didn’t “get”
  17. The film with the best action scene
  18. A film that changed you
  19. The film you should like, but don’t
  20. The funniest film
  21. Your “guilty pleasure” film
  22. The film that makes you want to make movies
  23. The film that should have never had a sequel
  24. A film you’ll never tire of
  25. A film you really wish was better
  26. The Film with the Best Visuals
  27. Your least favorite film
  28. Your very favorite film
  29. The perfect film
  30. The film you want to see made

Give it some thought, and visit us throughout September to chime in with your choices!

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