The Most Quotable Film Day 6: 30 Days of Animation

(so I’m a little behind… anyways, as always my opinions are mine only.)

Today’s question is:

What film is the most quotable?

I’m not even going to bother with runners-up, because the answer is pretty clear to me.

Pixar’s Toy Story has had some pretty impressive staying power, and not just because it was the first of its kind. The film is riddled with memorable moments – more than a few of them eminently quotable. I mean, heck — even “to infinity and beyond”, the film’s tongue-in-cheek catchphrase for Buzz Lightyear, became a genuine real-world catchphrase.

My personal favorite quote from the film? The significantly shorter Buzz telling Woody:

“you are a sad, strange little man.”

Here’s a compilation with some of those great quotes:



  1. There it is, the most quotable quote “to infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!” A boost for my day!

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