When Updates Attack: An update update.

So, the Kludgeworks was out of commission for a while in the wee hours of this morning — turns out, a string of five characters went missing in a single file when updating my wordpress installation, and this was enough to completely bring down the site. I couldn’t even log in to the admin page, and had to seriously consider nuking the site and working from a backup that is about a month old.

For those who are curious, the problem came from uninstalling a plugin called “WP Super Cache” – which failed to clean up after itself, and deleted a php tag in my wordpress config file.


What a pain. Two hours of troubleshooting and a potential loss of a month’s worth of updates all for a stupid php tag. Maybe this is a good lesson – any time you’ve got third party tools mucking with your systems, redundancy is a must.

Anyways, I’m going to be scarce for about a week, but will return in early November with a round of proper updates, including new tools, tunes, and the launch of a youtube channel.

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