It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

Things have been sparse around here for a while, due in part to a an awesome vacation trip to LA and due in larger part to a nasty cold that I seem to have picked up during my awesome vacation trip to LA. So, in the meantime, here is Bee and Puppycat, a really lovely […]

Industry Giants 2013

Had a great time at Industry Giants! We had a ton of great speakers and masterclasses, and the event just keeps getting better every year. Parts of the event were recorded, so be sure to check back in a while to see if anything has been posted yet. I’ll update here if I see any […]

A Few Thoughts on Pixar Canada’s Closure

Last night my social media fairly lit up with some pretty heartbreaking news – Pixar Canada has shut down, leaving over a hundred employees jobless. Pixar Canada has been mostly responsible for short content that extends and supplements Pixar’s feature film lineup, and they’ve produced some seriously wonderful work, my personal favorite of which has […]